“From Struggle to Success” Startups’ Superpowers

“From Struggle to Success” Startups' Superpowers

Can you imagine how awesome will be if entrepreneurs can fly or read minds. Unfortunately, they can`t, but they poses amazing superpowers as well. How we can unfold their superpowers? This article will introduce you to a woman and entrepreneur that knows all about it.

“Why don’t you get a normal job, like all normal people do?” This was the most frequently asked question in my early life as an entrepreneur. And coming from a family with zero entrepreneurial experience, I had asked myself the same questions a few times too. However, I am human, so I don’t judge myself to harsh for my moment of wandering. The fulfilment and vivid emotions I experience keeps me going.”

I am Raluca Comanescu, founder of Unfold Atelier a Visual Design & Branding boutique that works with Happy Humans to unfold their Startup’s Superpowers. Previously Co-Founder & Design Happiness, Changelane.

1. What is your idea/ business about? How the idea was born?

During the last seven years, I fell in love with start-up culture, and years after I become an active supporter of them. Today, I work with humans from startups and mature companies to design ideas that will support a healthy growth in visibility and sales. Over 90 Happy Humans have unfolded their Startups’ Superpowers already, just by using my clean and friendly graphic designs.

Over the last four years, I unfolded Brands, and Products in Minneapolis (Minnesota), Vienna (Austria), Arnhem (Netherlands), and Copenhagen (Denmark). Also, I am now working on a personal project to help Executives, Managers and all Action Takers to organize their business and time even better.

However, it wasn’t always that way. I am an architect, and few years back I was determined to become a famous one. For a few years, I had a great day job and few extra projects lined up, which gave me the impression that I was on the right direction. However, working 80+ hour per week for almost two years can break your social life in pieces. Therefore, I decided to switch direction. I gave up on my career as a “famous-wanna-be” architect (my mother is still asking me if I will ever be an architect again) and embrace a new start as a graphic designer for startups.

2. Tell me about yourself and your team?

I am THE creative behind Unfold Atelier. I am the only person that communicates with clients from the moment they say “Hi,” up until I finish their projects, and long after that moment. However, this does not mean I work alone. I have a small team of beautiful people who support me, so I can focus 100% on clients. Steve is an UK based well-rounded developer I partnered with to unfold great websites together. Beatrice is my magical assistant helping me to keep the business on track. Andrea crafts my experience in words, and she is helping me with the copyright and article writing on the blog. And Maria is my stress-relief-accountant who keeps a good eye on my financials.

Also, each time I start a new project I become part of a new awesome team: my client’s team.

3. What are the main struggles that you have experienced?

Soon after I got on my own, I had noticed the three issues triangle that was about to give me quite some headaches: time-people-money.

However, it took me two years to understand this is not THAT barrier that will keep me from growing. I was soon to find out that: my fears are the biggest, most strong barriers. I constantly look for training to fit into the new environment (keep in mind that I am coming from a family with zero entrepreneurial history). I continually work with my fears of failure, and I continually destroy my limits, to allow me to grow. It is freaking hard, but it worth trying.

4. How did you solve your problems?

I am still working on it, and I bet it will never end, for people’s needs are changing dangerously quickly, and I need to adapt continuously to new environments. However, the way I do it is by joining new experiences and learn from it.

My life changing experience that helped me grow like A LOT was a project I worked with for two years. I was the creative brain behind Changelane (a Minneapolis-based start-up, focused on bringing the oil change right at the end of clients’ driveways). During this project, I pushed almost any of my limits, and only after my exit from the project I could think of myself as an entrepreneur. The business had failed, (and I talk about my disappointment here: http://www.unfoldatelier.com/design-ux-hub/how-to-kill-your-startup-in-its-first-two-years-of-business), however, I have my lessons learned to use them in future ventures.

5. If you had a chance what would you do in differently?

I do like the path of my journey, and strongly believe that everything had happened to teach me something new, or to validate my ideas. If I’d had to do it again, I’d probably look for talents to team up with in very early stages.

6. What was the best advice you got and what was the worst?

Few years back a dear friend told me one thing that was about to help me a lot in the adventures to come: “There are always two sides to every story.” I did not get it the first time, however while working with so many different people, it started to make sense. And it helped me relate better to my clients, as well as understanding various situations I was about to face.

Regarding the worst advice, I am strongly against: “risk everything, including your family security”. I am aware that tons of other entrepreneurs will argue my philosophy, but I do not care. It’s my life; I get to decide my rules. So my model of doing business is: secure your family first and then go wild. This way, you’ll always have a place to return to, each time you fail, and a place to begin from, each time you’ll start over.

7. What will be your advice to the other entrepreneurs?

It’s simple: Secure your family as better as you can, then do whatever you feel like doing with your business. Don’t be afraid of failing. You only have one life to live, so experience as much as you can.

If you want to learn more about the company, you are more than welcome to contact them at http://www.unfoldatelier.com/

We hope you enjoyed reading “From Struggle to Success” Startups’ Superpowers and if you want to share your own great story, please contact us at: ja@wingzit.com

I have experience in both business and information technology fields. I am a co-founder of WingzIt, a company focused on helping and supporting entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and turn them into successful businesses. Our goal is to increase the rate of successful entrepreneurs by providing them with tools and knowledge at one place.

I have experience in both business and information technology fields. I am a co-founder of WingzIt, a company focused on helping and supporting entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and turn them into successful businesses. Our goal is to increase the rate of successful entrepreneurs by providing them with tools and knowledge at one place.


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